Gas-hydrates related links

Offshore SW Taiwan gas-hydrate studies by Central Geological Survey, Taiwan

Gas hydrate studies in USGS

Methane Hydrates by the US Naval Research Laboratory

Seismic characterization of methane hydrates structures by Ms. Christin Ecker, Stanford University

Methane Gas Hydrate by Geological Survey of Japan

Centre for Gas Hydrate Research : Heriot Watt University, UK

MH21 Research Consortium: Research Consortium for Methane Hydrate Resources in Japan

Mallik 2002 Consortium: Drilling and Testing a Gas Hydrate Well

METRO: Gas hydrate in the Black Sea

Gas Hydrate Database: Funded by European Commission

Oceanic Hydrates: more questions than answers - by Jean Laherrere

A global inventory of natural gas hydrate occurrence - by Kvenvolden and Lorenson (USGS)