The FE-B15 links as listed below are temporary links and they are meant for FE-B15 participants to download the photos. The downloads will be closed by 29 September. Those photos are compressed as a rar file arranged by date.

FE-B15 photos Day 1 (54 Mb), Day 2 (61 Mb), Day 3 (106 Mb), Day 4 (116Mb), Day 5 (39 Mb).

Above field-trip photos were taken by Mr. Suavek Giletycz (or Jack), a geologist and a professional photographer now working at the Deptartment of Earth Sciences, National Central University. He kindly provided these photos to you. Thanks to Jack. Jack standing on the Lichi Melange.

Group photo 1: Wuling, Central Range.

Group photo 2: Paliwan Formation, Coastal Range.

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