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GMT and related  
GeoMapApp Java application for data exploration and visualization
ArcGMT A suite of tools for conversion between Arc/INFO and GMT

GMT Documentations

GMT man pages
GMT supplemental man pages
GMT Tutorial
GMT Technical Reference & Cookbook
GMT tutorials in Chinese (中文教學講義)
GMT guide manual in Chinese (中文參考手冊)
GMTHELP archives and color palettes
(1) GMTHelp archive in University of Hawaii or (2) Stephan Eickschen

GMT color palettes: schemes.pdf

ColorBrewer - Software that generates color tables

cpt-city - An archive of colour gradients can be used in GMT

Color Schemes - Dept. of Geography, University of Oregon

GMT examples
Official examples

Examples from Bruce Raup

Examples from Institute for Crustal Studies

Examples from Refseis Lab in NTU (in Chinese)

Sioseis examples
Scripts from NCOR
QGIS tutorials


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