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FATES-KP The FAte of TErrestrial Substances in Kao-Ping Submarine Canyon


Margins science plan (2004)
New Zealand Source-to-Sink: 1, 2  
Papua New Guinea Source-to-Sink: 1, 2  
ANDRILL Antarctica Drilling, Scientific Prospectus
Delta Force Simulating the evolving landscape and seascape as well as sedimentary deposits
ODP Ocean Drilling Program
IODP Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
ICDP International Continental Scientific Drilling Program
Ocean Margins  
TEC Taiwan Earthquake Center for promoting earthquake-related research in Taiwan
TCDP Taiwan Chelungpu-fault Drilling Project

SAFOD (A component of EarthScope)

San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth
Lake Malawi Drilling Project  
Lithoprobe A Canadian project designed to probe the earth's crust and understand the geological evolution of Canada.
IMAGES International Marine Past Global Change Study
NASA Solid Earth Science  
EURODELTA European Co-ordination on Mediterranean and Black Sea Prodeltas
Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research
Asian Delta Project Climate, sea-level change, formation, evolution & human impacts
Asian Large River and Delta System References  


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