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中華民國地質學會地層古生物研究會(Stratigraphy and Paleontology Committee, Geological Society Located in Taipei))
A Guide to Geology (a link suggested by Ms. Sarah Goreman on March 6, 2012. Thanks to Sarah and her students)
Basin Research Group - University of Toronto
Basin Analysis Group - Purdue University
Basin Dynamics Research Group - Keele University
Becky Dorsey's Lab - University of Oregon
Shale Research - Indiana University
Sedimentary Basin Studies in Imperial College, London
Sedimentology Research Group (Experimental Stratigraphy) - University of Minnesota
Stratigraphy Lab - University of Georgia
Lacustrine Rift Basin Research - Syracuse University
Oxford Marine Geophysics Group
Structural Geology Research Group - Princeton University
National Center of Earth-surfrace Dynamics
Ichnology Research Group - University of Alberta
Sea Level Change and Ocean Margin Evolution Lab - North Carolina State University
Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry - NOAA Satellite and Information Service
Sea-floor Mapping Technology - Coastal and Marine Geology Program, USGS.
Standford Exploration Project, Stanford University


Basin Research Group
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