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Che-Chuan Lin


Dep. of Earth Science, NCU

Inst. of Geophysics, NCU

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Thesis Title

Structure and Sedimentary Characteristics of Gas Hydrate-Bearing Sediments off Southwest Taiwan

Research Areas

The South China Sea continental slope and accretionary prism off southwest Taiwan.


My research interests are in the fields of seismic stratigraphy, structural geology, and gas-hydrates studies. I am especially interested in structure evolution of accretionary prism in SW Taiwan and using seismic facies to infer paleo-sedimentary environment. Gas hydrate is kind of newest energy resources in the world, and is abundant in SW Taiwan accretionary prism and South China Sea continental slope. My present research is trying to seek the relationship of gas-hydrate development with structural evolution and sedimentary environments in SW Taiwan, and attempt to know how gas-bearing fluids migrate and the gas sources. Furthermore, we could estimate the content of gas hydrates and find the location of sealed structure with gas hydrates to provide the best locations for exploitation both the underlying free gas and overlying gas hydrate deposits in the future.


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Lin, C.-C., Lin, A.T. * , Liu, C.-S., Schnurle, P., Chen, G.-Y., Liao, W.-Z. 2009. Geological controls on BSR occurrences in the incipient arc-continent collision zone offshore southwest Taiwan. Marine and Petroleum Geology 26, 1118-1131, 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2008.11.002. (SCI, cited by 3 SCI papers)



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