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Chinen-Nan Yang


Dep. of Earth Science, NCU

Inst. of Geophysics, NCU

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Thesis Title

Evaluation of CO2 storage sites in geological basins : Example of Tauyuan Tableland in NW Taiwan.

Research Areas

Tauyuan Tableland and Houko structure in NW Taiwan.


For the past few years , Global warming has been the most important topic for discussion. CO2 storage is the one of the most effective ways for reducing greenhouse gas, using abandons oil or gas field and the underground saline aquifer may effective seal the CO2 in subsurface. CO2 storage research needs the quite widespread knowledge, contains from the geological ,geophysical, geochemistry, numerical simulation method and the monitor technology, needed many manpower to participate this plan, hope in the future, might have more experts to invest, let our Earth be more healthy.



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