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Hsiao-Pei Chang


Dep. of Geology, PCCU

Inst. of Geophysics, NCU

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Thesis Title

Seafloor sediment characteristics in the Okinawa Trough and around the Kueishantao volcanic island offshore NE Taiwan

Research Areas

Kueishantao volcanic Island & Okinawa Trough offshore, NE Taiwan


I studied the characteristics of sediments around Kueishantao volcanic island offshore NE Taiwan. The sediments (metamorphic lithic fragments) in Ilan shelf were mainly derived from sediments Lan-Yang River and the sediments ( igneous lithic fragments) at eastern Kueishantao island were mainly derived from NW Taiwan and Kueishantao Island . The result suggested that the Kueishantao is the dominant factor that influenced the transport of sediments in the SOT, and the eastern Taiwan might be the major source of these sediments.



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