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Dr. Andrew Tien-Shun Lin

Department of Earth Sciences

National Central University

Research Interests

My professional expertises are in the fields of sedimentology, stratigraphy, geodynamics, and petroleum geology. More specifically, my research seeks to unravel the earth history of sedimentation and tectonics by examining sedimentary rocks using both geological and geophysical methods. I am especially interested in the development of continental margins and their subsequent destruction as evidenced by the Cenozoic geology in and around Taiwan.

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Recent Publications (peer reviewed, *: corresponding author)


Chang, P.Y., Puntu, J.M., Lin, D.J., Amania, H.H., Chen, W.S., Lin, A.T. 2024. Application of machine learning and resistivity measurements for 3D apparent geological modeling in the Yilan plain, Taiwan, at the SW Tip of the Okinawa trough. Geoscience Letters 11:25, DOI:

Huang, Y., Colin, C., Liu, Z., Bertaz, J., Dapoigny, A., Douville, E., Yu, Z., Lin, A.T. 2024. Roles of changes in land weathering intensity in the Nd cycle of the South China Sea during the past 30 kyrs as inferred from neodymium isotopic composition in foraminifera. Chemical Geology 648, 121954.

Bertaz, J., Liu, Z., Colin, C., Dapoigny, A., Lin, A.T., Li, Y., Jian, Z. 2024 Climatic and environmental impacts on the sedimentation of the SW Taiwan margin since the last deglaciation: Geochemical and mineralogical investigations. submitted


林殿順、徐偉口狄、林哲銓、蔡宜伶、楊雅梅、陳新翰 2023 二氧化碳地質封存:我國減碳機會與挑戰。土木水利,第50卷,第6期,79-86頁。

Garzanti, E., Nayak, K., Padoan, M., Vezzoli, G., Resentini, A., Castelltort, S., Lin, A.T., Babonneau, N., Ratzov, G., Hsu, S.-K., Huang, K.-F. 2023. Fast-eroding Taiwan and transfer of orogenic sediment to forearc basins and trenches in the Philippine and South China seas. Earth-Science Reviews 244, 104523. DOI: 10.1016/j.earscirev.2023.104523.

Huang, Y., Colin, C., Liu, Z. , Douville, E., Dapoigny, A., Haurine, F., Wu, Q., Lin, A.T. 2023. Impacts of nepheloid layers and mineralogical compositions of oceanic margin sediments on REE concentrations and Nd isotopic compositions of seawater. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 359. DOI:

Hsieh, A.I., Vaucher, R., Löwemark, L., Dashtgard, S.E., Horng, C.-S., Lin, A.T., Zeeden, C. 2023. Influence of a rapidly uplifting orogen on the preservation of climate oscillations. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology 38. DOI:

Huang, H., Liu, Z., Zhao, Y., Zhao, H., Fernandez, A.R., Colin, C., Lin, A.T. 2023. Clay mineral assemblages of late Holocene turbidites in the Gaoping Submarine Canyon of the northeastern South China Sea and their responses to typhoon activities. Palaeogeography,Palaeoclimatology,Palaeoecology 624. DOI:

Bohrmann, G., Berndt, C., Lin, S., Tu, T.-H.,Lin, A.T., Hsu, H.-H., Lai, M.-C., Chi, W.-C., Deusner, C., Elger, J., Wallmann, K., Freudenthal, T., Mau, S., Pape, T., Tseng, Y.-T., Yu, P.-S., Fan, L.-F., Chen, J.-N., Chen, S.-C., Chen, T.-T., Wei, K.-Y., and SONNE SO266 shipboard scientific party 2023.  Geological controls on the distribution of gas hydrates in the shallow parts of the gas hydrate stability zone – constraints from seafloor drilling off Taiwan. Journal of Marine and Petroleum Geology 153, 106253.

Vaucher, R., Zeeden, C., Hsieh, A.I., Kaboth-Bahr, S., Lin, A.T., Horng, C.-S, Dashtgard, S.E. 2023. Hydroclimate dynamics during the Plio-Pleistocene transition in the northwest Pacific realm. Global Planetary Change 223. DOI:


Hsieh, A.I., Dashtgard, S.E., Wang, P.-L., Horng, C.-S., Su, C.-C., Lin, A.T., Vaucher, R., Lowemark, L. 2022. Multi-proxy evidence for rapidly shifting sediment sources to the Taiwan Western Foreland Basin at the Miocene–Pliocene transition. Basin Research doi: 10.1111/bre.12741
Link for this article:

Zhang X, Liu Z, Zhao Y, Ma P, Colin C, Lin, A.T. 2022. Distribution and controlling factors of microplastics in surface sediments of typical deep-sea geomorphological units in the northern South China Sea. Frontiers in  Marine Science 9:1047078. DOI: 10.3389/fmars.2022.1047078.

Nayak, K., Eduardo Garzanti., Lin, A.T., Sebastien Castelltort. 2022. Taiwan river muds from source to sink: Provenance control, inherited weathering, and offshore dispersal pathways. Sedimentary Geology 438, DOI:

Dirgantara, F., Lin, A.T.*, Liu, C.-S. 2022. Seismic de-multiple strategy in the submarine slope of Taiwan accretionary wedge. Exploration Geophysics. DOI: 10.1080/08123985.2022.2086040

Nguyen, Q.-M., Hsu, S.-K, Lin, A.T., Yang, C.-C. 2022. Sedimentary sequences offshore northeastern Taiwan and the offshore projection of the Shanjiao Fault zone. Tectonophysics 826, 229254.


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Chang ,Q., Hren, M., Lin, A.T., Tabor, C., Yu, S.-W., Eley, Y., Harris, G. 2021. Terrestrial biomarker isotope records of late Quaternary climate and source-to-sink sediment transport processes in southwestern Taiwan. American Journal of Sciences 321, 393–423, DOI 10.2475/04.2021.01

Lin, A.T.*, Yang, C.-C., Wang, M.-H., Wu, J.-C. 2021. Oligocene-Miocene sequence stratigraphy in the northern margin of the South China Sea: An example from Taiwan. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 213, 104765. Free download from the publisher (until 2021/5/26): (Fig.1, Fig.2, Fig.3, Fig.4, Fig.5, Fig.6, Fig.7, Fig.8, Fig.9, Fig.10, Fig.11, Fig.12, Fig.13, Fig14. Fig.15)

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林殿順、李科豎、劉家瑄、林哲銓、王詠絢 2017. 臺灣西南海域天然氣水合物探勘與資源量綜論。工程,第90卷,第2期,63-70頁。


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林殿順、劉家瑄 2014. 台灣西南外海天然氣水合物賦存模式暨資源潛能。地質,第33卷,第3期,25-29頁。

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Technical Reports

林殿順( 2004 )台灣西南海域天然氣水合物賦存區地質調查研究 — 地球物理調查:含天然氣水合物地層的構造與沈積特徵研究 (1/4) 期末報告書。經濟部中央地質調查所,共 59 頁。

林殿順、陳美伶( 2005 )澳洲西北帝汶海域的斷層封阻研究期末報告書。共 7 頁。

林殿順( 2005 )台灣西南海域天然氣水合物賦存區地質調查研究 — 地球物理調查:含天然氣水合物地層的構造與沈積特徵研究 (2/4) 期末報告書。經濟部中央地質調查所,共 77 頁。

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林殿順( 2006 )台灣西南海域天然氣水合物賦存區地質調查研究 — 地球物理調查:含天然氣水合物地層的構造與沈積特徵研究 (3/4) 期末報告書。經濟部中央地質調查所,共 67 頁。

林殿順( 2006 )車籠埔斷層鑽井與其鄰近地區之地層與台灣前陸盆地的發育與演化期末報告,行政院國家科學委員會,共 23 頁。

羅聖宗、林殿順、葉春爐( 2006 )十萬分之一中華民國海洋地質圖圖幅第 M10-15 號:外小琉球圖幅及圖幅說明書期末報告書。經濟部中央地質調查所。

羅聖宗、林殿順( 2006 )十萬分之一海洋地質圖幅編製試測計畫 (1/2) 期末報告書,共 85 頁。

林殿順( 2007 )油氣地層封閉分析期末報告書。台灣中油公司,共 26 頁。

林殿順( 2007 )台灣西南海域天然氣水合物賦存區地質調查研究 — 地球物理調查:含天然氣水合物地層的構造與沈積特徵研究 (4/4) 期末報告書。經濟部中央地質調查所,共 79 頁。

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2006 Excellence in Teaching Award of the Earth Science College , National Central University

2005 Excellence in Teaching Award of the Earth Science College , National Central University

2007 Excellence Mentor Award of the National Central University

2006 Outstanding Mentor Award of the National Central University

2005 Outstanding Mentor Award of the National Central University

2004 Outstanding Tutor Award of the National Central University

Teaching in the University involves three aspects: courses (class lectures), mentor to undergraduates, and graduate student supervision. The courses that I teach can be divided into two levels: undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Undergraduate courses include Sedimentary Geology (GP3087), Field Geology (GP3014), Practice of Field Geology (GP3015), Geology Field Excursion (GP3095, with Dr. W.-M. Chen), Taiwan Regional Geology (GP4031, with Drs. J.-H. Hung and C.-P. Chang), and Special Topics in Earth Sciences (GP4097-L), and the postgraduate courses include Basin Analysis (GP6057), Sequence Stratigraphy (GP7048), and Seminar (GP6095, with Drs. C.-C. Chen and P.-F. Chen). Except for the seminar-type courses (i.e., GP4097-L and GP6095), I developed course lecture notes for all courses, and all the course materials are put on my teaching web page at: . Almost all the lecture material are written in English and the course web page is designed especially for web-learning.

My results of teaching may be comprehended by the results of student evaluation carried out by the University administration and done in the end of each course. Class students evaluate my teaching by giving marks ranging from 1 (very poor) to 5 (excellent) for 17 questionnaires listed in the evaluation form. The following table includes student evaluations for the recent four years (2005-2008). My evaluation average is 4.57 during 2005-2006, which is way above the average of the University-wide standard. Because of my excellent teaching records I was one of the recipients of the Excellence in Teaching Award of the Earth Science College in 2005 and 2006, respectively. I also received letters from the Proctor if my score for student evaluation is the top 10% among Earth Science faculty members. Here are two examples: 1, 2, 3.

A.T. Lin Recent Teaching with student evaluations during 2005-2008

Undergraduate Courses
Year Course No. of students Student evaluation
2004 1st semester (9/2004-1/2004) Depositional Systems 26 4.19
2005 1st semester (9/2005-1/2006) Sedimentary Geology 49 4.57
2006 1st semester (9/2006-1/2007) Sedimentary Geology 44 4.57
2007 1st semester (9/2007-1/2008) Sedimentary Geology 44 4.62
2008 1st semester
Sedimentary Geology 43 4.64
2003 2nd semester (2/2004-6/2004) Field Geology 21 4.49
2004 2nd semester (2/2005-6/2005) Field Geology 16 4.57
2005 2nd semester (2/2006-6/2006) Field Geology 15 4.82
2006 2nd semester (2/2007-6/2007) Field Geology 17 4.36
2007 2nd semester (2/2008-6/2008) Field Geology 10 4.91
2003 2nd semester (2/2004-6/2004) Practice in Field Geology 21 4.41
2004 2nd semester (2/2005-6/2005) Practice in Field Geology 16 4.62
2005 2nd semester (2/2006-6/2006) Practice in Field Geology 15 4.81
2006 2nd semester (2/2007-6/2007) Practice in Field Geology 17 4.36
2007 2nd semester (2/2008-6/2008) Practice in Field Geology 10 4.86
2004 1st semester (9/2004-1/2005) Taiwan Regional Geology 27 4.16
2005 1st semester (9/2005-1/2006) Taiwan Regional Geology 20 4.62
2006 1st semester (9/2006-1/2007) Taiwan Regional Geology 21 4.13
2007 1st semester (9/2007-1/2008) Taiwan Regional Geology 33 4.43
2008 1st semester
Taiwan Regional Geology 24 4.63
2007 1st semester (9/2007-1/2008) Geology Field Excursion 20 4.57
Postgraduate Courses
2004 1st semester (9/2004-1/2004) Basin Analysis 9 4.33
2005 1st semester (9/2005-1/2006) Basin Analysis 13 4.51
2006 1st semester (9/2006-1/2007) Basin Analysis 6 5.0
2007 1st semester (9/2007-1/2008) Basin Analysis 12 4.68
2008 1st semester
Basin Analysis 14 4.54
2004 2nd semester (2/2005-6/2005) Sequence Stratigraphy 11 4.54
2005 2nd semester (2/2006-6/2006) Sequence Stratigraphy 17 4.47
2007 2nd semester (2/2008-6/2008) Sequence Stratigraphy 13 4.54

Mentor to undergraduates

Since 2002, I have served as a mentor for undergraduates. I was one of the recipients of the University's undergraduate mentor award in the year of 2004, 2005, and 2006, respectively and one of the two recipients of university-wide outstanding mentorship in 2007. In each year, the award recognizes around 12 professors among ~500 university faculty members who achieve outstanding mentorship with students. Below is a table outlining my mentorship during the past few years. In the table, student's evaluation (from 1 to 5) indicates if he/she wound recommend me as one of the recipient for mentor award with 1 representing strongly disagree and 5 indicating strongly agree.

A.T. Lin Recent mentorship with student evaluations during 2002-2006


Number of students

Student's evaluation (from 1 to 5)

2002 2nd



2003 1st



2004 2nd



2005 1st



2005 2nd



2006 1st




D.Phil. University of Oxford , UK. "Cenozoic Stratigraphy and Tectonic Development of the West Taiwan Basins" (Sponsored by the Ministry of Education ,ROC). Advisors: A. B. Watts and S.P. Hesselbo

M.Sc., National Taiwan University, Taiwan. "Lithofacies and Sedimentary Environment Evolution of the Plio-Pleistocene Series in the Southwestern Foothills, Taiwan". Advisor: L.S. Teng

B.Sc., National Cheng-Kung University,Taiwan. Geology. B.Sc. thesis advisor: P.B. Yuan

Professional Experience

1991~1996 and 2001~2002 : Exploration geologist in Chinese Petroleum Corporation


Geological Society Located in Taipei

Chinese Taipei Geophysical Society

International Association of Sedimentologists

Geological Society of America

American Geophysical Union

Society for Sedimentary Geology

Professional Services

2009.5~2012.4 Member of the Council, Geological Society Located in Taipei

2009.5~2012.4 Member of the Stratigraphy Committee, Geological Society Located in Taipei

2007.8~2011.7 National member of the Committee for Quaternary Geology Research, Geological Society Located in Taipei

2007.5~2009.4 Member of the Stratigraphy Committee, Geological Society Located in Taipei

2003~2007 National member of the Committee for Quaternary Geology Research, Geological Society Located in Taipei

2009: Workshop organizer (with 3 others): Taiwan-Switzerland Workshop on Source to Sink Relationships and Petroleum Occurrences in Foreland Basin Systems

2009: Field-trip leader (with Lee, Yuan-Hsi): Post-Taiwan-Switzerland workshop field excursion: Sedimentation and tectonics in the Taiwan mountain belts and foreland basin

2008: Convener (with Huang, Shi-Tsann), Session ST1: Stratigraphy and Paleontology, Joint Annual
Meeting of the Geological Society Located in Taipei and Chinese Geophysical Society, 7-8 May

2007: Member of Program Committee (with 4 others), International Conference on Gas Hydrate: Energy, Climate and Environment, 4-5 October 2007, Taipei, Taiwan.

2007: Convener (with Shea, Kai-Shuan), Session ST1: Stratigraphy and Paleontology, Taiwan Geosciences Assembly, 15-18 May, 2007, Taoyuan, Taiwan.

2006: Member of the International Science Advisory Board for the 17th International Sedimentological Congress 2006

2006: Convener (with R.W. Dalrymple, T. Tamura), Session TS1-6: Shelf and shallow-marine systems, 17th International Sedimentological Congress, 27th August - 1st September 2006, Fukuoka, Japan

2006: Field-trip leader (with Chu, Hao-Tsu), FE-B15: Tectonics and sedimentation of the active Taiwan mountain belt, 3 September - 7 September 2006, Post-Congress field excursion of the 17th International Sedimentological Congress.

2005: Member of Scientific Committee (with 7 others), Geodynamics and Environment in East Asia International Conference and 5th Taiwan-France Earth Science Symposium, 24-29 November 2005, Taitung, Taiwan.

2005: Converner (with Frederic Mouthereau), Session B: Sedimentation and Tectonics, Geodynamics and Environment in East Asia International Conference and 5th Taiwan-France Earth Science Symposium, 24-29 November 2005, Taitung, Taiwan.


Honours and Awards

2015 2014 Excellent Paper Award of the journal “Ti-Chih” published by Central Geological Survey (MOEA), and Geological Society Located in Taipei

2011 Most Cited Paper 2006-2010 Award of the SCI journal “Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences published by Chinese Geoscience Union

2011 Outstanding Mentor Award of the National Central University

2006 Excellence in Teaching Award of the Earth Science College , National Central University

2005 Excellence in Teaching Award of the Earth Science College, National Central University

2007 Excellence Mentor Award of the National Central University

2006 Outstanding Mentor Award of the National Central University

2005 Outstanding Mentor Award of the National Central University

2004 Outstanding Tutor Award of the National Central University

Overseas PhD scholarship (1996-2000), Ministry of Education, ROC



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